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Google Ads

Do you need help with Google Ads, formally known as Google Adwords? We are here to assist you!

Digital Fold focuses on Google Ads (PPC) as a primary service of our business. We will research your industry, set up your campaign and manage your Google Ads Account with monthly reports & daily strategy sessions. Our campaign managers are Google Ads Certified and we promise to optimise your Google Ads settings with our expertise knowledge to increase your leads & revenue so that you can see a direct ROI.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads Services include:

  • PPC Campaign Creation
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • PPC Campaign Strategy
  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • YouTube / Video Campaigns
  • App Campaigns
  • Remarketing

Google Ad Campaign types explained...

Search Network (Recommended)

Have your ad show up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Using this method will allow for your advert to be shown in the top 3 results of a given search from a user. This ad will appear to the potential customer when they search Keywords that relate to your campaign. 

Shopping Campaign (Recommended For E-Commerce Businesses)

You can use Shopping campaigns to promote your online store, boost traffic to your website, or your brick and mortar store. and find better qualified leads. We will use your product info to create Shopping ads, these appear in a more visual format. In comparison to a normal text ad, which displays text only, Shopping ads show users a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more. This helps the customer see more about the product before clicking on the product and continuing with the purchase. This helps the decision making process.

Display Network

Display Network is when we set up a campaign and place visual still ads on websites that get a lot of monthly traffic. We target people that are likely to engage with your product and start the buying process. We can also use the Display Network to re-market to people that have already visited your website. Completing the overall online marketing strategy. Pushing people down the purchasing funnel.

YouTube / Video Campaigns

The title says it all. This is where we use Video Campaigns to display well produced video ads on YouTube and other Google Display Network websites. This can be a great tool provided your video ad has been thought out and well executed. We can assist with digital strategy and ad creation in order to get the most out of your advert.

Last but not least, App Campaigns

This is when your business has an application on iOS or Android App store and you would like to drive downloads of this app. We set up this campaign to target people that are highly likely to download your app. Once the app is downloaded, the lead is in your hands to make them convert, but at that stage, it should be pretty easy! 

Why Use Google Ads for my Business?

Complete Control

Set your budgets & change them at any time. Target specific Keywords that are relatable to your business and your competitors. Make changes to your Google Ads Strategy at any point during the campaign.

Instant Results

Google Ads (PPC) are instant, once you create a campaign, your ads go to Google & they start displaying to potential customers. You will be listing on the top of the page within the first 3 results.

Measurable & Flexible

Sometimes it is difficult to measure the results of a campaign. With Google Ads, our expert consultants are able to track leads, conversions and measure your direct ROAS. (Return on Ad Spend) – Should something not be working? No worries, Google Ads are flexible and we can change targeting mid campaign.

Google Ad Formats Are More Engaging

Google gives paying customers some really cool formats. We can display, phone numbers, special offers, site links, value information and much more. These formats engage customers to click on your Ad, most likely leading to a conversion on your website.

And Finally... Increase Leads & Generate Revenue!

Google Ads is a direct information source for customers that are already engaged in the buying process. They are going to Google for one of two things. Either to do research, or to buy a product. Our goal is to make sure that you show up in the right places when customers are searching for products or services that relate to your business. Let’s increase your conversion rates and scale your business. 

Google Ads Search Certified Campaign Managers